Introducing: AudSoft, Inc.

In 2013, we spun off from Biocoustics Instruments, Inc, and opened a new company: AudSoft, Inc.  AudSoft now exclusively handles all sales and support of AudBase, allowing for a focused effort to help new and existing customers.

AudBase was created out of a partnership between Sienna Software and Biocoustics Instruments, Inc., and brought to market in 2005 at AAA in Washington, DC.  We recognized the need for a software package to allow the audiometric data collected to be available in a variety of formats for multiple departments.  It was critical that we allow the Audiologist to "own" their data and be able to use it for marketing, research, and administrative purposes.  At the time, we also wanted to give the audiology community the ability to collect and store serial data from GSI equipment electronically.  Through the recommendations and suggestions of our customer base, we continue to develop AudBase to meet the needs of the Audiologist. 

Today we offer a multitude of standard features:

  • Several one-page reports. Please click here to see samples.
  • Automatic Pure Tone Average scoring in two, three, or four frequencies
  • Default settings for individual users
  • Print to Doc feature that supports all image formats for import into your Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Unlimited "Notes" field with spell check
  • Score up to eight (8) Word Rec trials
  • View past Audiograms in a pop-up window while collecting current data
  • Plot MC and UC levels
  • NOAH integration- share your AudBase data with NOAH

We also offer add-on customized solutions specific to your clinic including:

  • Completely customized reports
  • Inbound and/or Outbound seamless ADT interface with your EMR

Sienna Software has been offering affordable customized databases for medical and behavioral sciences for over five years.

AudSoft, Inc. offers support for Audiometric Software Solutions and focuses primarily on the sale and support of AudBase.

We are actively working on several projects that we are very excited about, and have stemmed from the feedback received by our growing customer base.  Look for these add-on features, and more, in the near future:

  •  Ability to store OAE and ABR reports in AudBase 
  •  Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant pages to store critical data about patient devices

AudBase has more than 200 customers worldwide.

Manufacturers we currently partner with include Grason-Stadler (GSI), GN Otometrics (Madsen), and Interacoustics.