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AudBase is a database software that is used to collect data from audiometric instrumentation - audiometers and tympanometers - which are used by audiologists every day in the clinic. The implementation of an interface allows the clinic to create a report of this critical data and have it electronically transferred to the EMR so the data can be used by the ENT or Otologist for their diagnosis and follow-up care.

A unique and powerful feature of AudBase is the ability to search, graph, report, and export any data in the database. This makes research and data analysis clean and simple. Search parameters can be saved for future use, and data can be de-identified for research purposes.


Standard AudBase packages have the ability to print to file, which creates the ability to import an image in any EMR system that allow attachments to the patient record. In other words, after seeing a patient the Audiologist can "print" the AudBase report to create a digital image of the Audiology report. AudBase can be set up, as a default, to save to a specific location with a defined name and format. Within the EMR, an audiologist or support staff would then attach that file to an open patient encounter. The report image would now be a part of the patient’s electronic medical record. In another part of the hospital a physician could then call up that patient to view the report for further treatment and/or diagnosing. Used in this manner AudBase would play its role in reducing the paperwork and the time needed to exchange the paperwork between the departments. AudBase currently allows for 50 plus types of file extensions from .bmp, .jpg, to .wmf. Any large EMR system will allow for attachments and with so many extensions available within our print to file mode we can satisfy almost any EMR. 


Should your facility prefer or require a more streamlined collaboration with the EMR, we offer development services to create a customized Inbound and/or Outbound Interface.  We work closely with your IT and EMR personnel to help meet even the strictest requirements of any project.

An Inbound Interface allows for AudBase to "listen" for orders being broadcast by your EMR.  Once an order is found, AudBase will automatically populate all required patient demographic fields and place the patient on a worklist within the AudBase software.  The Audiologists would then pull names from this worklist throughout the day and begin collecting test data.

Once the Audiologist is satisfied with the report, they would electronically sign the record. The signature is the trigger for AudBase to place the image and/or raw data (text) into a secure folder on the network. A link to the image of the report would then populate in the patient encounter. If necessary, we can place the image and raw data in separate locations.

Referencing the unique identifier that your facility uses, the EMR could then use the link or pointer as a place holder in the patient record for that audiometric report.


AudBase is currently one of the only audiology software packages that has a true HL7 interface with Epic and Cerner Millenium, as well as many other EMR systems. A custom interface is a solution that provides a streamlined workflow for the audiology clinic. It requires no entry of patient demographic data, no scanning, and no manual attachment of reports necessary. Just a click of a button to electronically sign the audiogram, and within minutes, it is available for all physicians to see within the patient's medical record. This real-time transmission of data saves time and money, but most importantly, it improves the quality of patient care. Please visit the Interface FAQ's to view return on investment (ROI) documentation and to preview the tremendous time and money-saving benefits of this software package.