General FAQ

1.  What are the minimum system requirements to run AudBase?

AudBase takes very little resources to run, each record is approximately 8KB. Click here to view the minimum system requirements

2.  How does the licensing work?

AudBase is sold as concurrent licenses.  The Network package comes with the server license plus two concurrent licenses.  If this is to be ordered, we could load AudBase on as many workstations as you wish and two (2) workstations could access AudBase at a time. Additional licenses are available for purchase at anytime.

3.  Is there a limit to the number of concurrent licenses I can buy?
Absolutely not, you can have as many workstations log into AudBase as necessary.  Our largest account currently has over 50 licenses installed and connected every day.

4.  Are there any recurring costs associated with AudBase?
The only recurring costs are for support. Support packages include unlimited telephonic and remote support (where available). Support is most commonly used for additional training for new or existing users, to load and configure AudBase on new or replaced workstations, and for assistance with search queries, etc.  It also includes any updates to the latest version of AudBase when released.  Support services can also be priced for on-site support, if preferred.

5.  Is AudBase ok to run in a Wide Area Network (WAN) and on a VPC?
Yes, 4D, the database AudBase is built on, has proven to be a VERY stable platform across all network types.  We can centralize your audiometric data to any number of facilities at any distance, as long as there is a broadband connection back to the server. AudBase has also proven to work very well on a Virtual Server.

6.  What audiometric equipment do you work with?
Currently we accept data transfer from Grason-Stadler GSI clinical audiometers and tympanometers (GSI-61, AudioStar Pro, Tympstar, TympStarPro, GSI-39) as well as GN Otometrics Madsen OTOSuite connected products, and Interacoustics Suite connected products. We continue to work with manufacturers to further grow AudBase and offer OAE, ABR, and Real Ear data in the near future.

7.  Is AudBase compatible with NOAH?
AudBase is compatible with NOAH 4.4 and greater. Integration allows AudBase to populate patient demographics and audiogram into NOAH with one-click. Contact us by phone or email for a demo or pricing of the NOAH add-on.

8.  How secure is AudBase?
Please click here to view a document regarding AudBase security.

Application How-To Documents

1.  Creating a new user account

2.  Appropriate COM settings

3.  Customizing AudBase drop down lists

4.  Creating custom standard comments for "Notes"

5.  Choosing a report form & switching between standard forms

6.  Setting up electronic signatures

7.  Merging two AudBase records & combining patients

8.  The Auto-Save feature in AudBase
   - When enabled, AudBase will automatically save any open record every 30 seconds

Interface FAQ

1.  Do you have specifications or white papers for AudBase customized interfaces?
We do, and can provide basic information for how we work with various EMR solutions, but we offer a different approach. We allow you to give us YOUR requirements, and we develop based on those to deliver a product that works how you need, in your environment.

2.  What is the anticipated Return on Investment (ROI) for a customized interface?
Obviously the Return on Investment has a number of variable factors involved.  We have come up with a very conservative ROI based on an average workload of thirty audiograms completed, clinic wide, in one day.  To view, please click here. For a custom ROI based on your clinic workload, feel free to contact us at

3.  Do you have any reference sites who have implemented customized AudBase interfaces or "Out of the Box" solutions?
Yes, we certainly do.  Please give us a call or email and we will provide reference sites that will be comparable to the scope of project you are interested in.

4.  What is the typical clinic workflow when using a custom interface?
The benefit of choosing a completely customized interface is that, as the client, you can define and streamline the workflow of your clinic. Although there is variability in how our current users define workflow, a sample EMR integration workflow document can be viewed here.

5.  What fees are associated with a customized interface?
- If you are a new customer without AudBase in place, your costs would involve:
      - AudBase software, installation, training, and support
      - Customized inbound and outbound interface
      - Option for customized audiometric report

Every quote is designed based on the clinic requirements, number of sites, number of users, and number of booths. Please call or email our sales team for a quote.