AudBase currently works with GSI, Madsen, and Interacoustics equipment. 

GSI relies on AudBase to electronically collect and store the serial data from the GSI-61, Tympstar, and GSI-39. 

For Madsen equipment, AudBase interfaces with OTOsuite.  Madsen users open OTOsuite through AudBase, then collect data in OTOsuite.  With AudBase, they are able to send and save the data back down to a secure, HIPAA compliant database. 

Finally, with Interacoustics, similar to that of Madsen, the end user would open Diagnostic Suite or Titan Suite through AudBase.  They would then utilize those platforms to collect their data, and save back to AudBase.

GSI Demo

For your convenience, we have created a video demonstration of the AudBase workflow. To view, please click here


Madsen Demo

Coming soon.

Interacoustics Demo

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